The Calm of Bangkok

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  • The stand-out plant in this garden is a splendid, multi-stemed camellia, the lower branches of which have been removed to give it great character and presence. Below it white and black posts emerge from a colourful planting of purple Phormium, Actaea, golden Dryopteris fern and flowering Tricertis, with its upward facing purple speckled blooms
  • A simple circular water feature composed of a raised, metal-sided pool with two pipes delivering water adds a restful note to the garden. The dark gravel around the pool is planted with lush ferns and water loving Cyperus alternifolius, a popular houseplant that can survive well outdoors in sheltered spots

About the garden

Bangkok, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, is one of the most colourful, busy and sleepless cities in the world. The two sides of the city meet in this minimal, modern garden, which represents the spirit and frenetic energy of Bangkok conveyed through tropical-inspired planting, and its calm simplicity, which can be found in the shelter and hammock situated beyond the planting.

Luxuriant foliage plants convey contrasting aspects of the city. The calm spirit is presented by a cool palette and includes large-leaved Camellia japonica ‘Bicolor’, Acanthus mollis ‘Rue Ledan’, Arum italicum and Asarum europaeum with a backdrop hedge of Fagus sylvatica while the busy-ness and liveliness of the city is portrayed with the hot reddish-purple tones of Actaea ‘Chocoholic’, Ajuga reptans ‘Catlin’s Giant’ and Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’.

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