Memoria & GreenAcres Transcendence Garden

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The Memoria & GreenAcres Transcendence Garden aims to deliver an uplifting, spiritual and inspiring space, reflecting the emotional and cultural shared experience at the end of life.
Tall trees deliver height with a light diffusing canopy juxtaposed with the dramatic cantilevered canopy, creating an upward movement and a connection to the sky and the sense of infinity. Simultaneously the garden level gradually drops, exaggerating height and delivering an ethereal or spiritual quality.

Beneath the cantilevered canopy water slips away as a delicate film to create a sense of continued movement into the unknown.   

The central paving provides a clear path through the garden, but alternative routes offer less predictable experiences

Planting in the wider garden is designed in randomised groups set into textured gravel. Shrubs and perennials create associations of colour, sometimes subtle and sometimes intense, with textural interest softening into grasses and low ground cover that dissolve into the stony ground.  The planting groups create layers of interest through the garden that change as one moves. Pathways through the planting are less legible and more difficult to negotiate, creating a contrasting experience of life.

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