Key plants in The Addleshaw Goddard Junglette Garden

These plants are carefully selected for their elegant and dramatic foliage, serving to recreate the jungle strata. The tree ferns manifest the emergent layer, while the Fatsias form the canopy layer. The foliage creates captivating shadows upon the backdrop of the folded recycled paper back wall

Dicksonia antarctica

An evergreen tree fern, but deciduous in colder areas, growing slowly to 4m in height, with a stout reddish-brown stem and a terminal rosette of arching, deeply divided, glossy dark green fronds to 3m in length.

Cyathea cooperi

A fast-growing tree fern reaching 5m in ideal conditions, with a slender stem and mid-green fronds up to 4m long.

Fatsia japonica

Sometimes treated as houseplants, fatsias are tough enough to survive outdoors. They're among the most architectural of plants, being evergreen shrubs that add a touch of the exotic to any planting, and combining well with ferns, hostas and other shade lovers.

Fatsia polycarpa

An evergreen shrub with large, rounded, deeply lobed, matt-green leaves. In early winter produces large, terminal inflorescences composed of ball-shaped clusters of creamy white flowers, followed by black berries in spring.

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