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This contemporary balcony garden has taken inspiration from destinations all around the world. With travel at the heart of the garden, visitors can see how they can draw inspiration from their own journeys to different countries to create their own balcony garden at home – not just by collecting souvenirs, but in their planting, furniture and design.

Key features of the balcony garden are specimen Cornus mas tree, and the unique design of the limed soft wood pergola. It is inspired by the wooden structures of the Wintergarden - a space which can be found on all Viking’s ocean ships and which represents the Tree of Life as well as the woods native to Norway, Viking’s homeland. There will be bespoke made containers inspired by travel to different destinations.

Key sustainability points

  • The garden uses recycled composite decking and peat-free soil.
  • The planting scheme is more sustainable in the long term by using plants that are better adapted to balcony type conditions so they don’t need replacing or lots of water.
  • Different elements are being dispersed to various reuse schemes.

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