Key plants in The Panathlon Joy Garden

The planting will be an abundant combination of varieties, colours, texture and form to create a joyful look. Joyful design detailing focuses on the use of curves and spheres as they bring a fun dynamic to a planting scheme

Platanus x hispanica ‘Malburg’

A unique and beautiful tree which has been grown with a curved stem. Included in the garden to represent Panathlon’s objective to normalise difference.

Pittosporum tobira ‘Nanum’

Groups will be planted evenly throughout the space. They will hug the mounds, offering structure and enhancing the sense of flow, balance, and ultimately, harmony.

Rosa ‘Fragrant Delight’

Panathlon are a charity with a primary focus on inclusivity. The planting reflects this with a wide range of plants to stimulate all the senses, including this highly fragrant rose. Aromatic plants, such as Aloysia and Salvias, are also be included for more subtle scents.

Salvia ‘Neon’

This bright pink flowering perennial has a unique vibrancy and has been included to make areas of the garden really ‘pop’ with colour.

Actinidia kolomikta

This unusual climber is a fun choice, chosen to symbolise the importance of normalising difference. The markings on the leaves are quite striking and unexpected, to bring a playful element to the garden.

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