Circle of Life

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Designed as a sanctuary and a place of escape from the digital world, this small garden seeks to represent the cycle of life from beginning to end through different means. The different heights within the garden depict the highs and lows of life, and the curves are the twists and turns of our everyday journeys. Water, an essential element, is harnessed by the Japanese wooden water wheel, the oldest method of harnessing energy created by humans and its turning is a symbol of the passing of time. Alongside this traditional equipment, repurposed wood has been put to contemporary use on the pergola roof and in creating the 'stone' walls.

The planting incorporates herbs, wild grasses and vegetables, many with a practical application. Each plant colour represents the human emotions with green for healing, red for passion, yellow for warmth, white for purity and black for everyday troubles and worries.

BBC / RHS People’s Choice Award

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