Finding Our Way: An NHS Tribute Garden

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In more detail

  • Timber arches create a dramatic entrance to the garden, with water gently flowing on the outer edges to give a gentle and constant sound as you immerse yourself into the space
  • Perspectives are heightened in this space, not only by the verticals of the wooden arches but also by digging down into the garden and making the seating area near the raised pond

About the garden

This garden celebrates the relentless work of the NHS to provide care and support during the Covid pandemic not just nurses and doctors, but also physiotherapists, pharmacists, porters, technicians and other unseen and unsung staff who keep the health service running. At the same time, the UK universities were working flat out to find treatments and vaccines.

Entering the garden, the sheer imposing verticals of the timber canopy represent the sharp descent into fear at the outset of the pandemic. Here, the water starts its exploration through a series of rills and pools, representing the collective efforts of those working together in the NHS and universities. From here, the garden provides an immersive experience, with the gentle sound of water running along shallow rills connecting larger pools and the warm palette and soft textures of the planting, providing a safe space for reflection and contemplation, bringing optimism and hope of a brighter future.

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