Green Sky Pocket Garden

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In more detail

  • Two strawberry trees (Arbutus unedo) give symmetry and shade while a bronze sculpture interrupts the planting and provides a focal point
  • Much of the greenery is scented and edible with rosemary, thyme and other low-growing herbs providing a heavenly aroma for the garden visitor

About the garden

Designed as an antidote for busy city living, this lush pocket garden illustrates how best to maximise every part of our outdoor space.  

Vegetation cloaks the garden with textural, scented and edible plants offering enjoyable surroundings,
in which the occupants can connect with nature.

The green roof adds height and seasonal colour, while two strawberry trees, planted within feature pots, appeal to pollinators. A bronze sculpture provides a contemplative focal point adjacent to a simple timber bench.

BBC / RHS People’s Choice Award

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