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The garden represents the medicinal herbal colony located in the eastern part of Jirisan, known as ‘the mother mountain of Korea’. It is the last primeval forest of Jirisan where Korean native medicinal herbs, speciality plants and rare endangered alpine plants grow.

In the garden, rocks form a recreation of the mountain. They weigh more than 200 tonnes in total and are layered along small streams. The large rocks protect the small plants and provide the base of a complex ecosystem, also providing humidity in the dry season.

The planting in the garden is based on native Korean species such as the endangered Filipendula formosa Nakai whose pink flowers provide a focal point, while the surrounding trees, edibles and herbs are selected for their healing and medicinal properties.
Situated at the base of the mountain is the medicine herb drying tower used to dry herbs and plants for natural medicines. The garden uses Korean traditional techniques to craft the building, with wall structures formed from rock and soil.

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