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Disability charity Papworth Trust found inspiration for their garden whilst working on their 'I Can' campaign with the world famous and profoundly deaf solo percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie.

The garden reflects Evelyn’s passion and ability, and was particularly motivated by her fascination with the ‘sea music’ produced by the women of the Vanuatu Islands who create incredible rhythmic songs with just their hands, water and voices. The Together We Can garden concept combines Evelyn’s motto "Teach the World to Listen", with the vision of Papworth Trust to "Help us create a world where disabled people are seen for what they can do’".
A water marimba generates the garden’s acoustic pulse, harnessing natural materials of the landscape – water, sun, wood, earth, and so the garden itself becomes a musical instrument.
The garden’s backdrop is a natural woodland copse of birch and hazel, strikingly interwoven with features that evoke the equipment of a recording studio. In the foreground, water cascades from the pool. Precisely sawn York stone set in concentric radial patterns resemble sound waves transmitting towards the audience. Green oak monoliths and solid benches sculpted to mimic the sinuous lines of the garden add to the acoustic pattern. Overall the form of the garden is reminiscent of the structure of the ear. Soft planting creates a diaphanous, dancing screen that might sway to the music, with floral soloists adding to the horticultural concerto.

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