Royal Bank of Canada Garden

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The Royal Bank of Canada Garden celebrates water not as a commodity but as an entity sacred to humankind. It explores the divine qualities of water and the connections between water, people and life. This is a garden intended to inspire visitors with its innovative materials, compelling design and beautiful planting – all focused on helping to increase awareness and appreciation of water.
The planting palette is influenced by flora found in the endangered dry Mediterranean pine habitat of Dibeen in north west Jordan. These plants illustrate how arid landscapes can have beautiful flora yet require minimal rainfall. It is a dynamic and sculptural garden grounded in a symbolic and fundamental geometry. The garden can be viewed from a distance and there is an aura around the sacred body of water within the centre of the garden.

Royal Bank of Canada’s 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden

Watch Show Manager Tom Harfleet's interview with Hugo Bugg about Royal Bank of Canada’s 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden.


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