The LG Smart Garden

Proving that intelligent homes needn't be devoid of beauty, this clever garden softens the stark lines of technology with a floral feast

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  • the feature tree is a rare, xxxx cultivar imported from Egypt
  • the sharpness of technology is softened where the garden meets paving
  • pale wooden furniture provides a soft link to the natural - it's not all chrome and coldness
  • sitting in the outdoor room gives a panoramic view of the garden
  • the whole space is made to feel like a decorated room rather than two separate areas

In this garden

The LG Smart Garden is inspired by the concept of intelligent homes and is intended to demonstrate that technology can be incorporated harmoniously into the garden as well as the house, providing additional functionality and convenience.

The design is intended to represent a Scandinavian lifestyle garden. The brighter colour choices within the minimalist design are softened by a planting scheme that has a natural character. The mix of herbaceous plants add a soft quality, while multi-stemmed trees provide privacy and filter the views from the house. The garden demonstrates contrasts between formal and informal as well as the balance between naturalism and artificialism – a metaphor for modern life.

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