The Winton Beauty of Mathematics Garden

The garden is a celebration of the beauty to be found in the mathematics and algorithms that underpin all plants, growth and life. It features a beautiful flowing copper band, etched with plant growth algorithms and represents an emerging seedling. As it snakes through the garden it takes on different functions from bench to stair banister, to planter pitched 3.5m (11 1/2ft) above the garden, and overflowing with trailing plants.

Visitors will experience a fresh dynamic garden bursting with plants of the Southern Hemisphere and Mediterranean, many of which display mathematical patterns in their showy forms. Of particular significance are species such as Aloe polyphylla, pines and plants in the Asteraceae family. Purple- and violet-flowered perennials feature significantly and are complemented with planting in tones of chartreuse, muddy-red, silver and white. Foliage tones are significant too with copper, pale-blue and silver repeating through the garden. Key plants include: Scottish lovage (Ligusticum scoticum)Lotus berthelotiiLuma apiculata and wire-netting bush (Corokia virgata).

The wide range of species featured provide a long season of forage for native pollinators, including bees. The trees provide nesting for birds and the pool will be slowly colonised by dragonflies, water snails and other aquatic life.

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