Breaking Ground

An elegant depiction of the learning and thought process in education using metal, open frameworks to represent the overcoming of barriers to learning. A colourful meadow area contains waves of purple salvias to reflect lateral thinking while umbels signify sudden thoughts and ideas

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At the show

  • Bronze coloured boundary wall is etched with personal statements and aspirations of individual students
  • The angularity of the paving stones and steel framework are inspired by neuron and synapse connections
  • A pair of 30-year-old multi-stemmed hawthorn creates an open feel to the meadow

From the garden

The garden highlights Wellington College’s ambition to break down barriers to education, and explores the themes of progress, evolution and thought patterns.

The planting draws inspiration from heathland around the College. Tall, sculptural and transparent walls run through the garden connecting the various elements and materials. Water echoes this flow in the main pool and rills that run below the wall structures.

Connectivity in the garden between forms and patterns is key, inspired partly by neuron and synapse connections, a reference to education and learning. Patterns in the ornamental meadow are derived from synapses, and colourful, textured planting groups flow across it unimpeded, echoing trains of thought. Dynamic plant forms and striking umbellifers create moments of drama.

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