The Bermuda Triangle

Designed to stand out, this edgy garden puts mystery back into Chelsea - from plants to lava flows, you need to look into its depths...

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From the show

  • Mirrors reflect the inner structure to give an impression of mystery - no one quite knows where the triangle is
  • More mirrors help give the illusion that lava is flowing all all around the base of the structure, viewed through the base panels
  • The feature palm tree travelled more than 1,500 miles to get to Chelsea
  • It is hoped that the structure will relocate to Bermuda after the show as a tourism feature.
  • Rain meant that it was nearly impossible to complete the structure on time - gluing of panels has to wait for things to dry up

At the garden

This contemporary architectural garden is a representation of an active volcanic landscape, reminiscent of Bermuda and the Caribbean, interwoven with stunning tropical planting.

A palm at the centre erupts from four sections of laser-cut aluminium sheeting. Each quarter of the garden houses a firepit and mini sanctuary of tropical planting.

The vibrant planting together with striking markings etched into the aluminium sheets represent the lava and pyroclastic flows. Purple and red LED lights strikingly illuminate the four sections and central palm, and a perspex sheet surrounding the garden dramatically mirrors the whole design.

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