The Jo Whiley Scent Garden

If you thought a scent garden would be packed with traditional fragrant flowers, you're in for a surprise here....think instead of the aroma of rain on a woodland walk

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From the show

  • The designers put out a call on social media for favourite scent memories to include in the design
  • Some responses are inscribed along the garden wall  - baled haylage came out top!
  • Freshly-turned earth was also voted a favourite scent memory

At the garden

The Jo Whiley Scent Garden is inspired by aromas that transport us to a moment in time or a place that feels familiar, such as woodland walks, rain on warm paving, fresh earth and new leaf growth, or freshly cut flowers from the garden.

Unlocking memories through scent allows the mind to drift, be soothed and comforted. Visitors are encouraged to reconnect with their emotions and the world around them. In the space of a few steps in a garden, the visitor can be immersed in their own thoughts or simply breathe deeply in the fresh air.

A beautiful sunny border in the foreground acts as a foil to the calming dappled shade of the woodland-edge planting further into the garden.

Fragrance designer Jo Malone has helped to create the garden, which draws attention to the visitor’s sensory response to scent and the power it has to enhance mood, lift spirits and improve wellbeing.

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