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  • A central sunken seating area, colour co-ordinated planting, cool shade provided by a quartet of multi-stemmed trees and impressive use of water all combine to create a restful yet stimulating space
  • The glowing beds at each corner of the box hedge edged seating area include yellow lupins, Trollius and Aquilegia, orange geums and coppery verbascums - these warm tones however are cooled by spires of icy white digitalis, white lupins and pristine bowls of peonies. The effect is at once glowing yet cooling
  • The consistent use of stone paving throughout helps to link the different parts of the garden together - at the front it is combined with shiny black pebbles and chamomile, in the centre it steps down to the sunken seating area and at the back it is used to cross the water through to the elegant pavilion

About the garden

LG Eco-City Garden represents the green space allocated to one housing unit in a ‘vertical forest’ of residential apartments. It integrates our increased dependency on technology with a requirement to be mindful of the environmental issues posed by contemporary lifestyles, as well as to reduce pollution specifically in areas of high population density.

Each household has its own spacious terraces, accessed from the kitchen and designed to receive plenty of sunlight. The plants and trees play a role in the seasonal control of oxygen generation, humidity control, temperature moderation and the reduction of carbon dioxide. Running water provides a filter for noise pollution.

Trees and a variety of other plant species soften the visual impact of the architecture and the whole showcases  a closer interaction between concrete, glass and the greener environment. Addressing serious concern about the decline of pollinators and their habitats, the naturalistic planting scheme shows how to incorporate wildflowers, perennials and a looser meadow-style planting into a garden.

The garden is also supported by Boffi, LG Hausys, LG Solar and John Cullen Lighting.

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