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  • The stand-out plants in the garden were a pair of beautifully gnarled old pomegranate trees. Their spreading forms contrasted with the more upright shape of crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), grown for their attractive bark and showy late summer flowers. A young cork oak, another common tree of the Mediterranean, also stood in the garden
  • The beautiful terracotta-toned walls in the garden were made of rammed earth and blended perfectly with the rest of the design. Some of the walls incorporated trickling streams of water that ran into a trio of angular pools, which provided a cool feel through the otherwise arid landscape
  • The carefully chosen plants of the garden formed an attractive mix. Annual poppies in pink and scarlet mingled with the gold domes of woad and lime green euphorbias. Blue Catanache caerulea swayed beside the delicate blooms of Cistus and single-flowered roses. Blue-leaved succulent Senecio serpens and shrubby Canary Island native Digitalis isabelliana with spires of orange flowers provided further unusual notes

About the garden 

The M&G Garden was designed as a romanticised haven for a warm, sunny climate. It expanded on a timeless idea that a wall, a tree and a seat can create an intimate and beautiful place of repose. Using Mediterranean flora and raw materials dug directly out of the earth (clay, aggregate and pigment), the space celebrated the expressive language of colour, texture, light and shadow.

The design was a garden of contrasts. Colour was subtle, but unexpected and dazzling. Semi-opaque glazed tiles brought out the silvery tones of subshrubs, while a clashing cacophony of scarlet, pink, lilac and yellow flowers were held together by grassy swathes. At the heart of the space, pomegranate trees commanded attention, and the glassy surface of a large pool reflected the garden’s composition. Planting included tapestries of ground-hugging, scented herbs punctuated with subshrubs and taller, wispy, diaphanous flowers. Many drought-tolerant plants were also included, which are perfectly suited to our warming climate.

M&G Garden Tour

Award-wnning designer Sarah Price leads you on a tour around the M&G Garden at the 2018 RHS Chelsea Flower Show


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Inspired by the M&G Garden

2m x 1m Planting Plan

Create your own -
‘Mediterranean’ themed area  inspired by the M&G Garden.

The M&G Garden is a romanticised haven designed for a warm, sunny climate. It expands on a timeless idea that a wall, a tree and a seat  can create  an intimate and beautiful place  of repose. Using Mediterranean  flora and raw materials dug directly out of the earth (clay, aggregate, pigment and tile), the space celebrates the expressive language of colour, texture, light and shadow.

Plant shopping list & key:

A Cistus creticus x1
B Dianthus carthusianorum x5
C Dianthus cruentus x6
D Euphorbia oblongata x3
E Origanum laevigatum  ‘Herrenhausen’ x3
F Papaver dubium ssp. lecoqii var. albiflorum x12
G Hordeum jubatum x22



D Euphorbia rigida x3
E Thymus species x5
G Carex testacea x22

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