The Seedlip Garden

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Did you know...

  • Unusual varieties of sugar snaps and snow peas feature in the garden, an homage to the late American pea breeder, Dr Calvin Lamborn
  • Mirrored silver stepping stones, featuring a pea pod design, are embedded into the path alongside split pea shingle and pea mulch
  • Edible pea shoots adorn the roof of the pea green 'Peavillion' and miniature willow wigwams highlight the vibrant yellow and red pea pods 

About the garden

The Seedlip Garden celebrates the humble garden pea, Pisum sativum, and three men (Mendel, Lamborn and Branson), from three different centuries, responsible for pioneering its cultural, culinary and scientific significance.

The planting, forms, colours and multi-sensory elements within this conceptual installation are all relevant to the pea, producing a contemporary and educational compendium in praise of one of the nation’s favourite vegetables. A garden path, formed of circular elements, representing the form of the pea, leads to the elevated Peavilion, a ‘shrine’ housing a collection of articles relevant to the pea. All species of plant used in the garden are from the pea family Fabaceae. Peas & Love!

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