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  • Flowers and produce abound - from a flowering wisteria to magnificent cabbages - showing how the gardener has used every available space, even using an old tank as a water butt with the tap housed in the stone walls
  • Particular attention to detail has been lavished on the limestone walls, with seams of larger 'through stones' holding more irregular shaped stones in place - a particular detail of the walling from the Wensleydale area
  • At the rear of the garden, the babbling brook emerges from under a boulder, backed by dense woodland planting of larch, elder and hazel being a natural area for wildlife to feel at home

About the garden

The Welcome to Yorkshire garden is inspired by the Yorkshire Dales, a picturesque area that epitomises the essence of the county, and is world famous for artisan Wensleydale cheeses, quintessential buttercup meadows and rich flora. Set on the edge of a woodland, a tumbling beck runs past a stone bothy into soft pastures.

The colour scheme has hints of purple, pink and white with a mixture of dense and varied planting. Dry limestone walls dissect the meadow land and separate the bothy, with its cultivated and romantic cottage garden, from the natural landscape.

Sponsored by Welcome to Yorkshire, the garden celebrates Yorkshire’s stunning scenery, natural materials, traditional crafts and artisan food production, and is intended to inspire the public to visit this iconic county and experience its serene beauty firsthand.

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