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In its 260th year the Wedgwood Garden references Etruria, the Staffordshire village that Josiah Wedgwood built for his workers. The garden reflects the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the Wedgwood founder and combines classical motifs and designs in a contemporary form.
Water unifies the garden and moves throughout the space with purpose, connecting key elements and echoing the canals and watercourses of the past that were fundamental to the functionality of Wedgwood’s production and industry. Guiding the visitor through the garden are ever changing framed views, offering different perspectives on the landscape that has been created.
Materials with subtly contrasting surfaces and textures are repeated to further unify the different elements of the garden and delicate decorative metalwork and purposefully placed sculpture highlight key junctions and motifs.
The planting is both dynamic and soft with mass plantings of Ferula communis and Valeriana pyrenaica, as well as textural and structural with specimen trees, Taxodium distichum and Metasequoia glyptostroboides. 

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