RHS Chelsea Sustainable Gardening Product of the Year

All the products in this prestigious prize were on display at the September show

Winner announced

Ocean Plastic Pots – Ocean Plastic Pots

Ocean Plastic Pots are plant pots made from discarded rope and fishing net. Manufactured in the UK, they’ve developed a circular economy product that raises awareness of the ocean plastic problem.


Dalefoot Composts | Wool compost with comfrey

Addressing the serious issues surrounding the use of peat and the drive to use peat-free alternatives, the Dalefoot Wool Compost with Comfrey champions an alternative peat-free media with a blend of comfrey, bracken and sheep’s wool sourced only from the UK to offer gardeners a sustainable option to their growing. 

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Distinctive Garden | DuraOcean® Chair

DuraOcean® is the UK’s first commercially available chair made exclusively from 3.5kgs of recycled ocean plastic waste including fishing nets and ropes.

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Gaze Burvill | Woodland Low Oval Table

Inspired by the Sweet Chestnut tree and crafted in the UK, the Woodland Low Oval Table takes its template from nature making each piece as unique as the tree that it came from.

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Green Oak | Compost Loo

Green Oak’s Composting Loo provides a basic yet fundamental function. The readily transportable frame is made from pine and offers a low-water alternative to public toilets and an environmentally friendly option for allotments and community gardens.

Growing Revolution | PlantBox

PlantBox is designed to bring walls to life and life to walls. This cleverly simple, modular and stackable vertical garden system is manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled materials.

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Platts Horticulture | Husqvarna Automower 405X

High-performance, yet easy to use robotic lawnmower suited for smaller lawns, handling both narrow passages and slopes up to 40% with perfect results. All while producing zero carbon emissions. Supplied and installed by Platts Horticulture.

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Sneeboer Trading BV | Maintenance Kit

The Sneeboer Maintenance Kit keeps all quality hand-forged stainless steel tools in perfect condition no matter the garden soil types and conditions. It helps prolong the life of your garden tools, helping cut down on waste.

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twool | Twool Naked

Twool naked is a naturally coloured British wool garden twine giving the strength and durability required of an all-round garden twine together with the aesthetics of blending naturally and harmoniously with planting.

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Vegepod UK | Vegebag

The new Vegebag by Vegepod has been improved to incorporate wicking bed and water reservoir technologies into a compact sized fully contained grow bag. 

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