Discovery Zone at RHS Chelsea

The ideas shaping the future of horticulture in eye-opening exhibits from leading research groups, charities, artists and activists

Gold and winner of Best Discovery Exhibit

Rustic Recipes Reimagined

By Sparsholt College

Eating seasonally and sourcing locally are themes that have gained a higher profile in recent years; this exhibit digs deeper, presenting refreshing ideas and solutions.

Revisiting sometimes centuries-old methods and tastes, it shows how we can connect with heritage and seasonality to grow our own crops, while making the world better for wildlife.



Bee the Change

By Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Wild bees play a major role in our ecosystems and food security but, unlike honeybees, have no beekeepers to take care of them. This exhibit contains two gardens mirroring one another in layout and many core materials, but one demonstrates how putting in place a range of bumblebee-focused micro-actions, such as providing bumblebee-friendly flowers through long periods of the year, can create a bumblebee haven.


Closing the Green Gap

By Grow2Know

Born in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, Grow2Know sees the purpose of the garden as a reclamation of space for both people and plants.

Last year’s Hands Off Mangrove garden put Grow2Know on the map, and founder Tayshan Hayden-Smith has since become RHS Ambassador for Young People and Communities.



By Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway is a photographer, maker and material innovator. Growing sustainable sculpture and fashion from grass roots, she takes an intuitive leap into the future to imagine a material world that is grown, not made.

This pioneering venture shows that the power of plants is infinitely renewable, and nature’s amazing capabilities are waiting to be utilised.


Helping People in Horticulture

By Perennial

Beside an Alan Titchmarsh-interactive display, the exhibit’s planting demonstrates the diversity and interest that can be created in a vertical garden, and features all the ‘Plants for Perennial’ that are being launched at this year’s Show. Sales of these plants will help fund the work that Perennial does to support everybody who works in horticulture in the UK.


Mind, Body and Nature

By Blue Tangerine and Natural Academy

This collaborative project tells a story of Ecopsychology, and the vital importance of reconnecting humans to the natural world.

Visitors can enjoy a sensory walk around the space and discover a herb garden alive with bees; a kitchen garden; a music garden with wildflowers; a scented woodland; and an outdoor classroom.


Why Soil?

By Blue Diamond x Soil Association

This educational exhibit aims to raise awareness of how the health of people, the planet and nature are tied to the soil that exists beneath our feet.

It shows how we can all help to protect our soil and nature, and focuses on involving children – the planet’s future guardians – in the process.



Working together for the Love of Nature

By Blue Diamond X National Trust

Special rare and heritage collections of seeds, bulbs, roses, native trees and herbaceous plants, all inspired by the places cared for by the National Trust, take centre stage in this exhibit.

On this stand visitors can learn about how they are propagating these varieties, and register an interest to bid in an exclusive online auction for 10 very special trees – each a direct descendant of Newton’s apple tree.

Botanic Guardians

By Fauna & Flora

Learn all about the intriguing world of plant conservation – including little-known flora from around the globe, and how these species have been pushed to the edge of extinction.

Established 120 years ago, Fauna & Flora was the world’s first international wildlife conservation organisation, the experts are on hand to answer questions to help take the first steps towards protecting the world’s crucially important plants.


Rebirth – The Soul Retrieval of a Plant-droid

By Heywood and Condie

This thought-provoking horticultural art installation is inspired by the creation myths of indigenous cultures, telling the stories of humankind’s relationship to nature and the origins of mankind. Here, a series of bejewelled, otherworldly organic sculptures of magnified amoeba, desmids and rotifers represents the micro-organisms that are the first triggers of life. 

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