House Plant Studios at RHS Chelsea

Bring beautiful indoor gardens to life, immerse yourself in a houseplant haven and be inspired to create a plant-filled paradise at home

Malvern Garden Buildings

The House Plant Studios, in collaboration with Malvern Garden Buildings, return to RHS Chelsea Flower Show with a sensory experience packed with ideas for creating your own indoor plant retreat. With plenty of colour, texture and life, the displays reveal the many therapeutic and practical benefits plants can bring to our living spaces.

Gold medal winner and Best House Plant Studio

Verdant Visions

By Plants By There

This retro bedroom space feels familiar, yet somehow a figment of youthful imagination. Colourful and clashing retro inspired patterns and textures are found alongside the foliage of lush houseplants that spill all around. Nature takes over this dream-like scene and creates pockets of green calm among the vibrant and stimulating world created with pure imagination. Sponsored by

Verdant Visions Studio

Gold medal winner

Upcycled Botanical: Making Small Spaces Beautiful Studio

Upcycled Botanical: Making Small Spaces Beautiful

By Plant Warehouse

Set within the confines of a modern new build apartment, this studio is inspired by the challenge of maximising greenery in smaller homes and aims to redefine how people incorporate greenery into these spaces. Unwanted household objects, destined for landfill, are turned into stunning planters, to show how greenery can be integrated into modern homes, offering a sustainable and visually striking approach to indoor gardening.

Gold medal winner

Gardening in Small Spaces

By In the Garden

A layered houseplant display focusing on leaf shape, texture and colour, inspired by the much-loved plant stars seen in the Georgian and Victorian era, through to modern day tropical gardens.
Designed to be transferred to present day interiors, this exhibit is carefully curated to include indoor houseplants, flowering exotics, succulents, cacti and edibles, staged in repurposed garden brocante containers.

Gardening in Small Spaces Studio

Gold medal winner

The Glasshouse Effect Studio

The Glasshouse Effect

By The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse was established in the disused greenhouses of HMP East Sutton Park in February 2020. Uncertain and wary, the women started their horticultural education; memorising names and origins of plants, and learning how to care for them. A place of refuge and rediscovery, a place where people and plants grow. Sponsored by Malvern Garden Buildings

Silver-gilt medal winner

Hope after Humanity

By The Plant Parlour and GrowTropicals

With their shared passion for rare and unusual plants, The Plant Parlour and GrowTropicals aim to inspire a new generation of houseplant collectors. This houseplant studio will be transformed into a new world, using deep colours and soft textures to achieve a uniquely immersive display, which highlights sustainability and delivers a powerful message about the need to slow climate change.

Hope after Humanity Studio

Silver medal winner

Plants with Soul Studio

Plants with Soul

By The Little Botanical

Wander through vibrant interiors harmonising with peat-free, British grown greenery, inviting visitors to explore an immersive cultural journey. Learn about each plant and its origin, with the sounds of their native home playing; from the gentle patter of tropical rain in southern Mexico to the lively ambiance of a Costa Rican street market.

Silver medal winner

An Atlas of Houseplants by Botanic

By Botanic York

An immersive, educational experience delving into the native environments of indoor plants, and exploring what their habitats can teach us about how to keep them healthy and happy in our homes. Six zones representing different continents filled with native plants, nestle within a space evocative of a reading room or home library, with a rich and warm feel, full of books and plants.

An Atlas of Houseplants by Botanic Studio

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