Noughts and Crosses

An inspiring and uniquely designed chill-out zone, created to appeal to puzzle enthusiasts

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Did you know...

  • The main layout is a noughts and crosses grid with the raised beds housing the crosses and the stepping stones housing the noughts
  • 95% of the hard landscape materials are recycled, keeping construction costs low and inspiring the public to take ideas home
  • The large raised bed at the back adds height and features naturalistic planting using grasses and perennials in blue, lilac and purple with hints of white

About the Garden

Puzzle enthusiast and garden designer Clive Scott has designed this garden as a chill-out zone to inspire the sitter to complete a crossword or sudoku puzzle. The main layout takes the form of a noughts and crosses grid with raised beds housing the crosses and floor-level circular stepping stones as noughts.

Nearly all (95%) of the hard-scape materials are recycled, which keeps construction costs low and inspires the public to think of easy-build solutions that they can adopt.

A large raised bed to the rear adds height. The planting is a mixture of strong shrubs for structure with naturalistic planting of grasses and perennials in a blue-lilac-purple colour theme with a touch of white.

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