Prospect & Refuge

This playful outdoor room manages to incorporate lots of office space in its cosy sunken central area, bringing you eye to eye with a host of colourful blooms

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Did you know...

  • Strips of steel run through the paving and decking, 'sewing' the design together; they're repeated as interesting vertical elements in the borders.

  • The mix of ferns, evergreens and classic woodland plants provides a long-lasting display that would look good for months on end in a real garden

  • As you descend to the sunken office, the colours of the garden change - with warm reds, oranges and burgundies evoking the warmth of the garden's 'refuge'

About the garden

The garden’s design addresses the environmental requirements of an outdoor working space. Within the garden there are key focal elements that entice and invite the visitors to discover the space step by step. It is designed as a multifunctional outdoor room, with a sunken central area surrounded by lush and calming perennials to encourage a dialogue between nature and people.
The garden offers observation and views (prospect) while providing protection, privacy and warmth (refuge). The woodland planting creates a sense of enclosure and escape from the outside world with planting height variations acting as a buffer from city noise.
Timber furniture defines the central space: working desks, two-tier seating and anti-slip decking, which combine to create a warm, natural ambiance and an aesthetically attractive space.

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