The Mid Cheshire Hospital Remember Me Garden

A garden designed to aid conversation and understanding of the experiences of a person with dementia, from the initial onset to potential full-time care

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Did you know...

  • The planting is carefully considered to symbolise the journey of a patient with dementia and its effect on the memory. Bright vibrant colours like reds and oranges at the start relate to clear memories, softer, muted pastel purples and pinks signify fading memories and finally, a wildflower meadow stands for completely muddled thoughts and memories
  • A sundial at the centre of the garden rests on a chipped column in disrepair. Combined with planting, an emphasis on the time of 5pm is created. This sort of time which can evoke great anxiety in people with dementia as it is a traditional time of action for so many people, such as coming home from work or cooking dinner
  • All aspects of the garden have been designed to help stimulate memory and conversation in people with dementia. Props, like old fashioned deck chairs, serve as nostalgic reminders of previous experiences and memories

About the Garden

The garden tells the story of a dementia patient's journey from diagnosis to requiring 24-hour care. 
The hexagonal garden provides a feeling of enclosure and security. It also represents the support network required by a dementia patient. 

Visitors will see a memory shed 'Room of Inklings' in which glass bottles are displayed, each containing a small object to spark a memory. The shed offers a space to trigger memories, which in turn spark conversations. The garden was inspired by a presentation on dementia by the Director of Nursing and Quality, Alison Lynch at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

This event highlighted the number of people with dementia and the need for support for them as well as the requirement for dementia-friendly environments in everyday activities including visiting the hospital. Many of us are affected in some way by the effects of dementia in our families or friendship circles.

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