Food For Thought

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Did you know...

  • The attractive purple and copper colour-themed and naturalistic planting towards the back of the garden includes several ornamental selections of miscanthus grass, a plant which is also farmed for biomass. These are mixed with lavenders, highly popular plants that attract pollinating insects
  • A mini orchard of six dwarf apple trees makes a simple and attractive feature but is also productive and can be replicated in an ordinary garden. A mixed hedge of native plants forms the back boundary, another idea that could easily be taken home 

About the garden 

Food for Thought illustrates a positive vision of the future of food security. By amalgamating farming and the natural environment, this garden shows how food production can evolve into a progressive and thriving arable landscape that enhances the world we live in.

Every plant has been selected for a reason – insect attraction, biofuel or crop production. A tractor drills the future of agriculture into the ground. The linear planting becomes a polyculture of a fruitful and productive landscape in a naturalistic setting.

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