It's Ok Not To Be Ok

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In more detail

  • The garden's twisting paths represent barriers that the visitor can overcome by walking through them; at the centre a cantilevered bench overlooks a water feature, offering a place to rest and talk
  • Four tall pillars of green oak represent the one in four people who suffer from mental health issues; their identical appearance belies the fact that mental health issues are generally invisible

About the garden

This garden is designed to draw attention to the stigma associated with mental ill health and the difficulties that men face in coping with such issues. One in four people suffer and many are scared to come forward for the help they need because of the stigma they associate with the illness. This garden represents that ‘it’s ok not to be ok’.

The garden is surrounded by barriers but beyond these are an open space in which two people can sit in privacy, enveloped by planting and share the opportunity to speak and be heard in an environment that is supportive.

The destination of the garden’s users reveals itself as progress is made through the space and represents a significant milestone in achievement.

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