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Psalm 27 in the Bible tells of comfort and faith in a context of fear and doubt. The Psalm 27 Garden brings together ideas of protection, guidance and courage, from both the psalm and from traditional churchyards, to create a reflective space.

The garden opens with a yew gateway, as yew is a symbol of immortality and a common churchyard feature. A stone structure represents mortality, while pillars are markers on the way through grief, showing that there is a path forward. 
An overshadowing tree offers protection to those beneath it, while meadow planting promotes calmness and reflection. Grasses move in the lightest of breezes, while allium seedheads stand tall above them.

The garden’s planting is inspired by the native wildflower meadows that often remain in churchyards across the UK. In the last century, some 97 per cent of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost, making the wildflower habitats of churchyards vital.

Key plants: Salvia, Taxus baccata (yew), Ammi majus (false bishop’s weed), Briza maxima (greater quaking grass)

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