RHS Nocturnal Pollinator Experience

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For the RHS Nocturnal Pollinator Experience, award-winning designer Sharon Hockenhull has created a wildlife haven that is specifically aimed at attracting our ‘night shift’ pollinators.

The garden wraps around and leads into a marquee that celebrates night moths. Vita, the installation within the tent, is the nocturnal side to the garden created by Georgia Tucker. The space showcases the unseen beauty of moths at night, while drawing attention to the impacts of light pollution on both human health and nocturnal pollinators.

Over the years there has been increasing awareness of the impact of device screen use, most notably blue light, on human health. Humans and moths alike are disorientated by bright lights, but health, wellbeing and even fertility increase in amber and red hues.

We have all evolved with the sun as the main source of light for life to grow. Vita will use projections, sound and sculptural elements to mesmerise viewers within the lifecycle of moths, the plants they pollinate and how they thrive off one another.
The garden is a walk-through space for visitors to find out which plants and habitats support these after-dark pollinators. Ornamental habitats make use of plant materials usually relegated to council compost bins, along with take-home planting ideas for gardens of all sizes. The garden also looks at how we can light our spaces in a sensitive way, so that we do not disturb these night-pollinating creatures.
A diverse range of plants is used to attract and sustain the moths, including night-scented blooms, nectar rich flowers and native specimens. Feature areas include a mini woodland, wildflower meadow, window boxes and a range of border planting styles and soil conditions. The garden shows how wild, usually unwanted, plants in our gardens have an important role, and should be given a place to flourish as they provide a rich habitat for moths and other pollinators.

Key plants: rowan, birch, beech, jasmine, agapanthus

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