RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

20 – 24 July 2016

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Tatton Park
Mereheath Lane

How to get there

Wednesday - Sunday, 22-26 July

2015 RHS Shows tickets

Plan for your trip to RHS Flower Show Tatton Park and see this year’s show ticket prices. Public and RHS Member tickets are now available to purchase, so be sure to book early.

Show catalogues

If you have not received your pre-ordered show catalogue in time for your visit to Tatton Park, please bring your receipt to any catalogue pod to receive a replacement copy.


Opening times

Wednesday - Saturday (22-25 July) 10am - 6.30pm

Sunday (26 July) 10am - 5pm *

* plant sell-off 4pm

People's Choice awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 RHS People's Choice awards – the only vote to be decided by the public.

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Food and drink

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Enjoy a short break

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ATMs, wheelchairs, where to leave your coat and other practical information

  • Facilities - Parking
  • Facilities - Drop off
  • Facilities - Wheelchairs
  • Facilities - Scooters