Talking water with ACO and the RHS

We talk about the quality and quantity of water in the news, and we talk about having too little or too much water in our gardens.

We now need to talk about water solutions, solutions that transform both our gardens and the national water conversation.

Predictable and sustaining rainfall has evaporated from our gardens. 

Our skies have delivered boom-bust cycles of flood and drought, scorchers and freezers.

Garden chatter is dominated by this concern.

However our actions lag behind our concerned talk. We still channel rainwater from our roofs and patios down storm drains. This contributes to sewage overflowing into our rivers and seas more than 800 times a day last year.

We use drinking-quality water in both our kitchens and gardens, yet by 2050, demand for drinking water will outstrip supply.

Water management company ACO is partnering with the RHS to explore domestic rainwater solutions through the RHS Resilient Garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. ACO and the RHS reimagine rainwater as a precious resource by leveraging the power of products and plants to turn talk into action.


© Image from RHS Resilient Garden, Dorling Kindersley: © AVA CGI Ltd, 2023, reproduced with permission


We had a fascinating six days talking with Festivalgoers at RHS Hampton Court. Most accepted the twin challenges of drought and flood and so were keen for solutions, above all storing rainwater for reuse.

Read more about what ACO learnt here and download your free copy of ACO’s booklet Reimagining Rainwater in Gardeners’ New World on domestic rainwater solutions.

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