Nominations for the RHS People Awards are currently closed and will
re-open in May 2019

The RHS is proud to introduce the Roy Lancaster Award. A new category for 2019, the award will recognise achievement of an exceptional contribution to the practice, science or promotion of horticulture by people under the age of 35.

Anyone can make a nomination for the People Awards and we would like to hear about people you believe should be recognised for their contribution to horticulture and gardening.

Please read the awards criteria and FAQs (247kB pdf) for further guidance.

For more information, please contact or telephone 0207 821 3068.


The Victoria Medal of Honour

Established in 1897, the Victoria Medal of Honour (VMH) may be awarded to British horticulturists deserving of special honour by the Society and is awarded for life. Only 63 medals may be held at any one time, in recognition of the duration in years of Queen Victoria’s reign.

In 2018 the VMH was awarded to Peter Catt, Carol Klein and Charles Williams.

Associate of Honour

Established in 1930, the Associate of Honour is awarded to persons of British nationality who have rendered distinguished service to the practice of horticulture either as employers, or employees during the course of their working career. The number of Associates of Honour may not exceed 100 at any one time (excluding those Associates who also hold the Victoria Medal of Honour).

In 2018 the Associate of Honour was awarded to David Knott.

The Veitch Memorial Medal

The Veitch Memorial Medal is awarded annually to persons of any nationality who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the science and practice of horticulture.

In 2018 the Veitch Memorial Medal was awarded to Dr Rosemary Collier, Gerald Edwards, Michael Hudson and Dr Douglas Needham.

The Harlow Carr Medal

The Harlow Carr Medal is conferred on persons who have made a significant contribution to horticulture in the North of England, through length of service, commitment to projects or capabilities, combined with reliability and professionalism.

In 2018 the Harlow Carr Medal was awarded to Martin Fish and Sue France.

Roy Lancaster Award

The Roy Lancaster Award is open to those under 35 on the date of nomination who have achieved an exceptional contribution to the practice, science or promotion of horticulture.
Nominations are now invited for inaugural presentation of the Roy Lancaster Award in 2019.

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For more information, please contact RHS Awards Enquiries on 020 7821 3653 or email the Secretary.

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