Samara Salix, Horticultural Apprentice, RHS Bridgewater

Samara is a second year RHS Level 2 Apprentice who rotates through all curatorial departments to help expand her horticultural knowledge

Samara’s career story

Learning the right pruning technique as an RHS Apprentice

Getting into horticulture

Samara came to be an apprentice for the RHS after finding a love of plants through working in a garden centre during lockdown. She has a passion for designing and has hopes of using her artistic nature to become a garden designer in the future.

Aiming big for the future

Samara has taken advantage of many amazing opportunities the RHS has to offer while completing her training. She recently got awarded a bursary to work alongside some of the leading design horticulturists in Singapore, allowing her to learn about different design styles for urbanised cities. Samara also plans to go on to study further after her time as an RHS Bridgewater apprentice by applying for the RHS Level 3 and 4 Diploma at RHS Wisley.

Samara working with the curatorial team in the garden

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“Growing up I actually wanted to be a hairdresser, so completely different to what I’ve ended up doing now. Definitely quite a career change.”

Samara, Horticultural Apprentice

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