Why the RHS?

Discover what makes the RHS such a positive force for change, and how our mission could benefit you, your community, and the planet

Alive with possibility

For more than 200 years, the RHS has been a power for good, influencing everything from window boxes to landscaped gardens worldwide and creating places and experiences for every visitor to enjoy. We believe in caring for every plant and for every one of our 1,200 like-minded colleagues and 2,000 volunteers with support, training, qualifications and an environment like no other.

We want people who can influence and implement our mission. To connect more people to plants, share the health benefits of gardening, raise awareness of our scientific and horticultural expertise, and share a lifelong gardening adventure with people of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re alive with the possibility of growing a career with us through the positive power of gardening, our future is together.

One surprising world, working for the RHS

Find out from our RHS employees what surprised them most when starting a job with the RHS.


“I think what surprised me most when I joined the RHS, was just the range of jobs, you don’t have to just be in horticulture. Be it from catering, retail, research – it’s really quite wide-ranging!”

Tracy, Garden Manager (Woodland Team)

Our vision and mission

Our vision is a world where gardening is embraced as a way of life – a source of joy and fulfilment, building healthier lives, stronger communities, and thriving environments. To achieve this, our mission is to be there for everyone on their lifelong adventure with gardening.

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Our approach

  • Engage a broader audience and establish ourselves as the leading gardening organisation to make gardening accessible for everyone, regardless of location
  • Maximise the use of our gardens, headquarters, heritage, and collections to effectively convey the joy of gardening
  • Strengthen education, cultivate skills and networks, and advocate for sustainable practices to ensure the future of horticulture
  • Incorporate scientific principles into all aspects of our work to address social and environmental objectives
  • Influence national policy to highlight the crucial role of gardening in benefiting people, the environment, and the economy
  • Unleash our potential by creating an environment where the RHS can thrive and become an exceptional workplace

Our brand pillars

See how we are transforming our lives and our world through gardening:

Knowledge and advice

We are recognised as world-leading gardening experts and we share our expertise with all gardeners from beginners to professionals. At the same time, we lead valuable research on how gardening directly tackles climate change and the biodiversity crisis, sharing our learnings to create planet-friendly gardening advice for all.

Inspiration, ideas and creativity

Our gardens and shows are full of ideas and inspiration. With the opportunity to meet designers, curators, scientists, librarians, historians and content creators. Creativity is in abundance whether you are a visitor, a member or a colleague.

Enrichment and wellbeing

Growing plants and spending time in green spaces can make a difference to your mental health and wellbeing. Gardening and gardens restore and enrich us, bring communities together and help us to mitigate the climate and biodiversity crisis. Together we can contribute to a brighter future for us all.

Bring our passion for gardening to life

Our colleagues’ ideas, enthusiasm, commitment and expertise contribute to our success. Our arborists, scientists, horticulturists, curators, retail assistants and volunteers all work creatively and collaboratively with sustainability, inclusivity and a genuine passion for gardening at the heart of everything they do.

To achieve our goal of creating lifelong gardening adventures for everyone, creative collaboration helps us to experiment and embrace technology in innovative ways to gather and share knowledge so the positive benefits of gardening for people and planet are shared with everyone.

Get involved

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.