Birth and Infancy

Cherishing expectant parents and supporting new families to make friends and enjoy healthy garden spaces; engaging toddlers in sensory exploration; introducing the magic of gardening – the RHS will be there for the playful years




Sparking curiosity with plants and nature through simple pleasures such as jumping in puddles or growing sunflowers; learning about plants, insects and soil with school and community clubs; gardening with family members – The RHS will be there to stimulate the curious




Cultivating an interest in plants and nature at school, at homes and in gardens; seeking ways to protect and speak up for the environment; discovering the connections between plants, people and planet; awakening an interest in a horticulture career – the RHS will be there for inquiring minds



Young Independence

Igniting ambition for future careers; giving tasters through work experience and volunteering; encountering new plants through hobbies such as art, cooking or travel; making new networks of friends – the RHS will be there to grow the passion



Early Adulthood

Nurturing a need to grow, whether it’s in a house or a backyard, on an allotment, or adding colour to a balcony; experimenting with ‘grow your own’; sowing seeds with children; taking first steps on a green career path – the RHS will be there to pioneer new directions



Mid Adulthood

Tending plants or a garden; creating time for social, mental and physical health; learning new gardening skills and methods; enjoying social occasions in gardens with family, friends and community; thriving in work with gardens and plants; changing careers to horticulture in midlife - the RHS will be there to foster enterprise



Late Adulthood

Sharing learning with family and friends; living healthy lives with gardening and plants; stimulating the senses and memories; relaxing in beautiful gardens; enjoying time with different generations - the RHS will be there to celebrate life’s accomplishments

Our priorities

Six priorities will drive everything we do:

Champion the essential role of gardening

Opening up gardening for anyone, anywhere

Grow our story to share the joy of gardening

Deliver science solutions for people, gardens, and nature

Build horticulture for the future

Unlock our potential

Key shifts

To reach our goals by 2030, we will place added emphasis on activities across each priority which enable us to:

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Be more urban
Involve more young people
Become an RHS member
Support more beginners
Become an RHS member
Garden more sustainably
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Go more digital

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