Leave a gift in your will FAQs

Our frequently asked questions covers all the information you need to know about leaving a gift in your will to the RHS

Why does the RHS need gift in wills donations?

Gifts in wills are vital to the RHS. As a charity that receives no direct government funding, we can only continue our work through support from visitors, members and donors. Gifts in wills underpins all our work within the five RHS Gardens and beyond. 

Our beautiful gardens, education programmes for schools, apprentices and adults, historical collections, community outreach and horticultural research are only made possible through the support of our donors.

Download your free Gift in Will Guide (2.8MB pdf)

Can I choose how the RHS uses my gift?

Yes, you can. We welcome gifts that can be used wherever the need is greatest, but we are also happy to accept gifts for a particular RHS Garden or area of our work that has special meaning to you.

See the section about suggested wording for your will on our ‘How to include a gift in your will’ page.

Can I be sure that the RHS will spend my gift in the way that I choose?

We always endeavour to honour the wishes set out in a will. However, in some circumstances where there are very specific terms attached to a gift, we may not be able to spend it or accept it if the terms do not fall under our remit of work.

If you do have a very specific request please do get in touch so that we can discuss your intentions and so that you can be sure we will be able to carry out your wishes.

What is the difference between a residuary gift and a pecuniary gift?

A residuary gift is a proportion of your estate once gifts of money or items have been distributed and costs have been deducted, while a pecuniary gift is a sum of money.

How can I be sure my gift maintains its value over time?

You can leave a residuary gift that will hold its value better than a (pecuniary) cash sum, or you can leave a fixed cash sum that can be linked to the index of retail prices, allowing your gift to keep its value in line with inflation.

How do I make a will?

A valid will is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out. Making a will isn’t as complicated as you might think and shouldn’t be costly.

It is recommended, however, that you seek legal advice when you prepare your will. You can do this by getting in touch with a solicitor or by using a reputable online will-writing service.

RHS supporters can also write their will for free with our free will-writing offer.

How do I find a solicitor to write my will?

We aren’t able to recommend particular solicitors but you can search for regulated solicitors in your area via the Law Society website.

How do I write my will online?
We have partnered with online will-writing service Octopus Legacy to provide supporters with the opportunity to write a will for free online. Octopus Legacy also offers telephone and face to face will-writing services.

This offer comes with no obligation to leave a gift to the RHS. The contents of your will are not shared with us unless you choose to let us know.

Learn more about our free will-writing offer
Can the RHS be one of my executors?

We are unable to act as an executor. It is recommended that you choose two executors, who can be a professional advisor, family member or friend.

Can I choose how much money to leave as a gift to the RHS and does it have to be for a lot of money?

We are so grateful for all gifts in wills and value any amount given to ensure the benefits of horticulture are passed on for generations to come. Whatever amount you can leave us, rest assured we will use it wisely.

Can I talk to someone about leaving a gift in my will to the RHS?

Thank you for thinking about supporting the RHS in this special way. We understand that leaving a gift to charity is a very personal and important decision and if you would like to talk to a trusted RHS team member, you can call our Legacy Giving team on 0207 821 3658. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to someone about including the RHS in your will, would like a printed copy of the RHS Gift in Will Guide, or you are the executor of someone’s will, please get in touch, we’re here to help.

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