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Revisit the 2020 highlights of The Garden and immerse yourself in the world of gardening with a look back at horticultural developments, fascinating gardens, news, trends and ideas from our virtual shows, findings from plant trials, as well as a celebration of all things RHS

January 2020

  • It’s a jungle in there – Jacky Hobbs admires Jamie Song’s London loft, where he has created a green indoor paradise filled with exotic house plants
  • Camellia – in mild spells, some precocious selections of Camellia can bring colour and joy to winter gardens says Jennifer Trehane
  • At home with aroids – Jon Ardle speaks to Greg Ovenden about some of the tropical members of the Araceae family that make exciting plants indoors

February 2020

  • Hellebores – plantsman Graham Rice picks the best recently introduced hybrid hellebores that make first-rate plants for the winter and early-spring garden
  • Shaped by stone and shears – Tim Richardson visits Rodmarton Manor in Gloucestershire, which embodies the Arts and Crafts style
  • Xylella update – Gerard Clover advises how gardeners can help keep the UK Xylella free

March 2020

  • Tastes to celebrate – continuing his series on crops and flavour, Mark Diacono tucks into versatile tomatoes, used in so many cuisines
  • Where magnolias lay siege – Tim Hubbard visits historic Caerhays Castle in Cornwall, where many fine magnolias and camellias were raised
  • Growing source of comfort – a detention centre's teaching garden inspires Jane Perrone

April 2020

  • Pheasant’s eyes – Nigel Colborn delights in these lovely late-flowering daffodils, with a vibrant central eye and a charm all of their own
  • Dependable veg: the expert’s pick – want to be sure which vegetables you should grow? Six gardeners suggest their go-to selection of reliable crops
  • Beeches Nursery – Phil Clayton begins a new series visiting Great British Nurseries. The first stop is Beeches Nurseries in Ashdon near Saffron Walden

May 2020

  • Growing at home – featuring RHS Gardening Advice, this new section includes jobs and projects to do at home to help you get growing
  • Sow, ignite and excite – few annuals are as easy or as full of impact as nasturtiums, enthuses Michael Perry and, there is still time to sow them now
  • Les Jardins d’Étretat – Caroline Beck visits a fascinating sculpture garden created on an impressive terraced clifftop site in Normandy

June 2020

  • Growing at home – featuring RHS Gardening Advice, our special section includes jobs and projects to do at home; family gardening; wildlife and indoor gardening
  • Helianthemum – Janice Shipp shares how these easy-going shrubs with long-lasting dazzling displays deserve a closer look
  • Daisy Roots – in the Great British Nurseries series, Philip Clayton enjoys a trip to a Gold medal-winning grasses and perennials specialist in Hertfordshire

July 2020

  • Growing at home – featuring RHS Gardening Advice, our special section includes everything you need to get the most out of your garden
  • Echinacea – Marina Christopher on her pick of coneflowers from a recent RHS Plant Trial at RHS Garden Wisley
  • Currants – in the latest Tastes to Celebrate series, Mark Diacono samples the true summer flavours of redcurrants and whitecurrants

August 2020

  • Cucumbers to brave the great outdoors – Sue Stickland says that a wider range of cucumbers than ever before can be grown outdoors in the UK
  • Changing spaces – Anisa Gress enjoys the results of the annual transformation of a pair of courtyard gardens linked to a cottage in Kent
  • Hibiscus – David Clark reports on a recent five-year RHS Plant Trial of hardy hibiscus at RHS Garden Wisley, which found some outstanding new cultivars

September 2020

  • Moving on to pastures new – Helen Dillon explains how leaving the Dublin garden she tended for 45 years has afforded her new opportunities
  • Choose the cap that fits – Harvey Stephens delves into a recent RHS Plant Trial of Hydrangea macrophylla cultivars, mopheads and lacecaps
  • Late-season chalices of colour – Christopher Grey-Wilson shares how colchicums can provide elegant flowers for autumn gardens

October 2020

  • Asters: the experts’ shortlist – few perennials can compete with asters: six expert growers each give their top picks of the best late-season daisies
  • Bridging east and west – Philip Clayton enjoys Sezincote, a historic, Indian-influenced garden based in Gloucestershire filled with impressive planting
  • Pears – in the latest Tastes to Celebrate series, Mark Diacono looks at dessert and culinary pears, their range of flavours and different ways to use them

November 2020

  • His golden touch – Stephanie Mahon finds the ornamental grasses at Knoll Gardens, Dorset add to autumn’s vibrant tones
  • London’s gardens under glass – Philip Clayton explores three covered growing spaces open to the public in the UK’s capital
  • Euonymus – the best shrubby spindles for autumn leaf colour and fruit are profiled by Barry Clarke from a recent RHS assessment

December 2020

  • Festive nuts – rich in fats, proteins and nutrients, Mark Diacono looks at the increasing range of nuts that can easily be harvested in the UK
  • Playing with vistas – Stephen Anderton visits Plas Brondanw, in North Wales, which was once home to Portmeirion architect Clough Williams-Ellis
  • Silver foliage – a revealing look by Jo Thompson at a diverse range of plants that sport silvery foliage and deliver impact in the garden

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