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Revisit the 2014 highlights of The Orchid Review and explore the world of orchids with a look back at cultivation advice, scientific findings, orchid exploration, in-depth plant profiles, news, reviews, shows and awards celebrating the world’s most alluring flowers

March 2014

  • Found, lost, and found again – examining Platanthera azorica, Richard Bateman explains why this rare orchid has been left unrecognised
  • A new Lepanthes from Costa Rica – Diego Bogarín and Yael Kisel describe and illustrate an attractive new species from the Rara Avis Rainforest Reserve
  • Cymbidium tigrinum – how experiences of growing this honey-scented species in Burma, China and India led Alberto Grossi to uncover more about its history

June 2014

  • Orchid extravaganzas – Clare and Johan Hermans report on the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival and Taiwan International Orchid Show
  • Renanthera augongii – tracing the taxonomy of this attractive species, endemic to Borneo, William Cavesto details a guide to its cultivation
  • Orchid conservation on Réunion – Amy Hinsley and Susanne Masters recount the projects visited during the fifth International Orchid Conservation Congress

September 2014

  • 125 years of the RHS Orchid Committee – celebrating its 125th anniversary, Clare and Johan Hermans look at how the Committee was formed
  • The beard orchids of Australia – Jim Cootes and George Tiong examine a selection of seven of the more well-known species of Calochilus
  • A new species of Maxillaria – illustrating M. gladiate, Andé Schuiteman describes this new species from Peru with unusually long, pendulous leaves

December 2014

  • Lacaena spectablilis – Rudolf Jenny and Alberto Grossi examine the history and cultivation of this Stanhopea relative from Central America
  • Finding slipper orchids in Ecuador – in search of Ecuadorian slipper orchids, Clare and Johan Hermans share findings from their exciting 10-day trip
  • Mansell & Hatcher – Chris Barker and Allan Long examine the three-centuries-long history of orchid growing at Cragg Wood, Yorkshire

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