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Revisit the 2021 highlights of The Orchid Review and explore the world of orchids with a look back at cultivation advice, scientific findings, orchid exploration, in-depth plant profiles, news, reviews, shows and awards celebrating the world’s most alluring flowers

March 2021

  • Ten go to Madagascar – Clare and Johan Hermans describe their experiences hunting for orchids in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots
  • A few Habenaria hybrids – examining the genus Habenaria, Leon Glicenstein reports on the latest breeding and picks out the most colourful crosses
  • The Measures brothers, orchid growers and collectors – Christine Beddoe and Tracey Gregory recount the tale of two orchid-obsessed brothers

June 2021

  • RHS Trial of Cypripedium – in the first RHS Plant Trial to deal with a genus of orchids, Clare Hermans and Phillip Cribb select the pick of the bunch
  • Take time to smell the orchids – Rob Stirling finds fragrance is a first-rate reason to grow orchids as houseplants and gives tips on growing them at home
  • Hope springs eternal – at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Phil Gould and Alex Summers reveal reasons to be cheerful among the orchids

September 2021

  • Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium and more – Mark Turner gives a guided tour of Elite Orchids’ nursery and the huge range of plants he grows there
  • Painting a giant – hearing Himantoglossum robertianum had been found in the Netherlands, Esmée Winkel set out to paint the new discovery
  • The lady and the mustard king – Clare and Johan Hermans follow the trail of a forgotten friendship between Ellen Willmott and Sir Jeremiah Colman

December 2021

  • The National Orchid Garden – in Singapore, Mark Choo and Whang Lay Keng share one of the most spectacular orchid collections the world has to offer
  • Cattleya breeding for orchid hobbyists in Japan – Munekazu Ejiri of Suwada Orchid Nursery celebrates the vision and artistry of Japanese Cattleya breeding
  • RHS Orchid Awards – reporting on a glut of exciting awards, Clare and Johan Hermans describe some of the best plants submitted for judging

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