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Revisit the 2021 highlights of The Plant Review (formerly The Plantsman) and discover the wonderful world of plants with a look back at in-depth plant profiles, cultivation advice, international garden visits, findings from plant trials and botanical explorations in this celebration of all things plants

March 2021

  • Out of the woods – Tim Ingram searches the springtime undergrowth for all that’s new in the ancient woodland world of Anemone nemorosa
  • Arachnophilia – sharing her unfashionable fascination with Chlorophytum, Mercy Morris shows that spider plants are nothing to be scared of
  • The daffodil with a difference – Christopher Grey-Wilson and Răzvan Chișu go to Galicia on the hunt for a notable daffodil, Narcissus cyclamineus

June 2021

  • Primula sieboldii: a cultivated history – recounting the development of Japanese sakurasō, Penny Jones selects some of the best cultivars for UK gardens
  • Another day, another dahlia – Keith Hammett reveals the latest on some of the extraordinary results from his dahlia breeding programme
  • Heliamphora: the forgotten carnivore – making the case for growing an overlooked genus of pitcher plants, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper shares their merits and tips on how to cultivate them

September 2021

  • Bewitching introductions – Chris Lane examines some beautiful witch hazels introduced by Jelena and Robert de Belder and their family
  • The Morton Arboretum, Chicago, Illinois – as the world-famous arboretum nears its centennial, Matt Lobdell takes us on a tour of the living collections
  • Collecting with Zhao Chengzhang – Yvette Harvey and Leonie Paterson tell the story of George Forrest, an unsung hero of the golden age of plant hunting

December 2021

  • Lancaster’s mahonia – discussing Mahonia lancasteri, Olivier Colin and Roy Lancaster share details of this ornamental plant and its seedlings
  • Eucryphia ‘Madron’: the 64-year question – Tom Christian turns horticultural detective to solve one of the great mysteries of exotic gardening
  • Giardini Botanici Villa Táranto – at this spectacular garden, Charles Quest-Ritson is spellbound among one of the great Italian plant collections

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