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Revisit the 2022 highlights of The Plant Review (and discover the wonderful world of plants with a look back at in-depth plant profiles, cultivation advice, international garden visits, findings from plant trials and botanical explorations in this celebration of all things plants

March 2022

  • The hardy boys – Daniel Hinkley adds to a growing list of begonias now considered garden perennials and discusses 25 years of observing them in the wild
  • Trialling trilliums in the open garden – assessing these delightful perennials, Keith Ferguson looks at some of the best North American trilliums
  • Sky-blue thinking – Wim Boens wonders why the somewhat anonymous Anemone apennina has so long lived in the shade of its glamourous relatives

June 2022

  • Epimedium à la mode – dragging bishop’s hats out of the dry shade, Penny Jones reveals the charming choice of species now available to gardeners
  • John Gould Veitch and his stove plants – Alistair Watt investigates the exploits and expeditions of one offshoot of a famous horticultural family
  • Meeting the challenge of Roridula – describing the difficulties of growing a genus of shrubby insectivores, Nigel Hewitt-Cooper shares what he has learned about these alluring carnivores

September 2022

Walk among a Welsh wonderland of titanic trees at Gelli Aur; go on the hunt for horticultural history and peonies at Kelways; explore the complete story of Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’; head to the Romanian hills for some to-die-for Dianthus; uncover witch hazels of pioneer Heinrich Bruns; examine the science of scent in the garden; and learn how to grow Fuchsia hatschbachii.

December 2022

Visit a remarkable collection of potted snowdrops in Nottingham; discover the charms of Hepatica transsilvanica and some tips for success; examine Cornus kousa selections and the future of the species in the UK; uncover a giant imposter that has been hiding in plain sight for more than a century; and delight in the joys of spring with Daphne ‘Spring Beauty’.

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