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About the workshops

Welcome to the RHS and HTA peat-free workshops. Aimed at growers, the workshops provide a forum to disseminate knowledge and bring together industry experts to speak on peat-free aspects, along with insight from the RHS Transition to Peat-Free Fellowship, run by RHS Science in partnership with leading UK growers.

Details of upcoming workshops will be published on the main workshops page as they are scheduled, and resources from past workshops added to this page.

The RHS Transition to Peat-Free fellowship

Currently the largest peat-free research project globally, this five-year project led by the RHS convenes government, growers and growing media manufacturers to research sustainable alternatives to peat in large-scale commercial settings. The project is lead by dedicated research fellow Dr Raghavendra Prasad, who is currently working with eight UK growers who are partners in the project. The project is also supported by seven growing media manufacturers.

Areas of focus include peat-free plant production, new growing media technologies to replace peat, growing protocols, best practice use of the latest products, and developing peat-free solutions for challenging groups such as carnivorous and ericaceous plants. Onsite trials at UK partner growers, as well as at RHS Hilltop, will help to inform optimal peat-free approaches across a range of plant types, growing conditions and timescales.

Findings from this project will be shared with the wider industry, such as through workshops, as well as the partner nurseries. They will also be used to provide advice for the UK’s 30 million gardeners, so that they too can join us in transitioning to peat-free. You can read the project’s 2023 Industry Survey Report here (1.3MB pdf).

More about the project

Get a taste for what our events offer

Dr Raghavendra Prasad, RHS Peat-Free Fellow, says, “It’s truly remarkable to witness so many industry leaders and experts under one roof. Our events are a platform for growers, growing media manufacturers and stakeholders to exchange knowledge and stay abreast of cutting-edge developments around peat-free.

They’re a chance to forge connections, share experiences and collectively contribute to the sustainable transition to peat-free horticulture. Please come and join us at future events.’’

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