Fusarium wilts

A number of ornamental and edible plants are susceptible to this fungal disease, which can persist in the soil for many years. Each plant genus is usually affected by its own ‘strain’ of the fungus, so that any other plant can be grown in contaminated soil.

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Fusarium wilt of carnation

Quick facts

Common name Fusarium wilt
Scientific name Fusarium oxysporum
Plants affected Various edible and ornamental plants, including asparagus, Callistephus (China aster), Dianthus (carnations, pinks), French/runner beans, hebe, peas, tomatoes
Main symptoms Stunted plants with wilting leaves. Reddish staining of water-carrying (xylem) vessels in the stem. Root and sometimes stem rotting
Caused by Fungus
Timing Summer, particularly in hot weather

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