Plant propagator

A plant propagator creates new plants from seeds, cuttings and bulbs and cares for them

Training, qualifications and skills Experience of working at a nursery is essential. Good plant knowledge is key as is a willingness to learn. Studying horticulture in further education is a bonus
Career progression opportunities Assistant production manager, propagation manager, nursery manager
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Sophie Lewis
Frank P Matthews
Full time, salary up to £21k

My role is to create and care for young plants, ensuring they are fed, watered and free from pests and diseases. I am responsible for the propagation glasshouse and ensure plants are kept to the highest standard from initial selection of cutting material growth of the plant. Glasshouse hygiene is important in my role.

Plant propagation is both rewarding and satisfying. You can take a branch from a tree and watch it grow roots and develop into a new plant just by following simple principles.

Always ask questions. Make notes as you work so that you can learn from what you do. Put yourself forward for every opportunity – you never know what may happen.

I decided to pursue a career in horticulture after spending a gap year working for Stanley Growers, a family-run market garden and garden centre in the Falkland Islands.

I went on to study horticulture at Pershore College, and visited Frank P Matthews for a tour of the nursery as part of my course. I applied for part-time work there while I finished my course and have remained at the nursery.

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