Things to make and grow in May

The days are getting longer and warmer - so get outside! We've got lots of ideas for growing and having fun in the garden this month.

ScarecrowMake a scarecrow

This is a good month for sowing seeds, so you'll want to keep the birds away. This scarecrow is just right for the job

Make these super skittles!

Here's a fun game to play on the patio - or even indoors if the weather is bad.

Make a bee hotel

Bees pollinate our plants, so they're great to have around the garden. Encourage them into your garden by making this bee hotel for them.

Make plant labels

This is a great activity for a rainy day. Make some colourful labels ready to use when you plant seeds and plants this spring!

Pumpkins and squashesPlants to grow in late spring

Grow your own Hallowe'en pumpkins!

Sow pumpkin seeds early this month and you'll have your own pumpkins to carve by Hallowe'en. Pumpkin soup is yummy too!

Have a sunflower competition

SunflowerSow sunflower seeds now and see how high yours will grow. Have a competition with your brothers and sisters or friends - can you grow a sunflower that's taller than you are?


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