Things to make and grow in November

Despite the weather getting cooler, and the days getting shorter, we still have some dry days to use for fun activities in the garden this month.

girl with a bug hotelCreate a bee hotel

Humans aren't the only ones who like a bit of comfort during the cold days and nights. Why not help our pollinating friends and create a dry and cosy place for them to sleep during the long cold winter.

Feed the birds

Birds need water, as well as food, during the winter months. Why not organise your feeding station now? You can make a bird feeder, to top up over winter, and add a shallow container for water. Now wait and see how many different birds come and visit you and use a bird book to identify them.

Make animal leaf pictures

There are still lots of leaves, in different shapes, sizes and colours, for you to use in this activity and it is amazing what you can produce using: glue, googly eyes and lots of imagination. Maybe use them in a festive design as Christmas cards?

Plants to grow in autumn


Family bulb planting

Plant tulips for spring

A family planting task force can be great fun and make the job a lot  faster. The size, shape and colours of tulips, as well as some lovely names, means you can have lots of fun choosing bulbs too. Once planted when you see your tulips in flower it will remind you of the family day when you planted them.

Grow garlic for dinner

It is wonderful to eat something you have grown straight from the garden. Most families enjoy the taste of garlic in pasta sauce or that family favourite, garlic bread. November is the perfect time to plant garlic (and onion) bulbs or sets. You can even plant these in containers. This is a quick and easy job which will give your family the satisfaction of enjoying what you have grown in your meals.

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