Things to make and grow in March

Spring is finally on its way! Hopefully there will be some lovely sunny days where you can get out in the garden - even if you have to wrap up warm!

Dyed Easter Eggs

Use plants to dye eggs for Easter

These pretty eggs will make your Easter Sunday breakfast extra special. Or you could make some for your mum's breakfast in bed on Mothers' Day (March 15)!

Make a garden diary

This month you can start sowing seeds and planting, so why not create this garden diary to start making a record of everything you see and do in your own backyard?

Make an eye guard for a cane

If you are planting peas or beans, or sowing seeds for hardy annuals soon, you might use a cane for them to grow up. This useful gadget will protect your eyes from the sharp ends of the garden canes.

Make plant labels

This is a great activity for a rainy day. Make some colourful labels ready to use when you plant seeds and plants this spring!

PeasPlants to grow in spring

Sow early peas

Home-grown peas are delicious - ours often don't make it to the kitchen as we end up eating them as we pick them! Sow some now and look forward to fresh peas in early summer.

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