Make a pencil holder using twigs

Make this great pencil holder as a present or just for you to use.

Make a pencil holder using twigs

What you'll need

  •     A clean, empty gravy granules pot or similar

  •     Lots of small twigs

  •     Scissors

  •     Elastic bands

  •     Paper

  •     Glue

  •     Raffia or ribbon

What to do


  1. Cover the pot with paper of your choice and glue it in place.

  2. Place two elastic bands around the pot, towards the top and bottom. Choose twigs that are just a bit longer than the empty pot and put them underneath the elastic bands so that they hold them in place.

  3. Work your way around the pot so that it is all covered by twigs.

  4. Use some raffia or ribbon and tie it on top of the elastic bands to hide them.

  5. You could add some glitter for that extra festive sparkle!

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