Drinking trays for birds

Birds in your garden need access to clean water all year round, but especially when the weather turns cold and water turns to ice. See how to make a drinking tray for small birds.

Drinking trays for birds

What you'll need

  • A large clean yoghurt pot

  • A terracotta or plastic plant pot tray, with a depth of about 2cm

What to do

  1. Ask a grown up to help you make a small hole in the yoghurt pot about 1cm from the rim.

  2. Fill the pot with cold water and put the plant pot tray on top.

  3. Very carefully and holding on tightly, turn the two, still pushed together, so that the yoghurt pot is now upside down. The water will flow into the tray and will stop at the level of the hole in the yoghurt pot.

  4. As the birds have a drink the water will refill from inside the yoghurt pot.

  5. Watch and see which birds come to drink the water.

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