Ice mobiles

Hang your icy mobile outside in your garden on a tree or near the window and watch as it gradually begins to melt. Once you’ve mastered the technique, try using different shapes and patterns to make a longer icy mobile!

Make mobiles out of ice

What you'll need

  • Saucers, lids or plastic bowls

  • A tray

  • String

  • Shaped biscuit cutters

  • Natural materials collected from your garden or on a walk (leaves, seed heads, berries, small twigs)

What to do

Make your icy mobile on a really frosty night to make sure it freezes! You can always use the freezer if it’s not cold enough outside instead.

  1. Choose a few of your favourite natural materials which you collected to use in your icy mobile.

  2.  Place 3 or 4 jam jar lids, little trays or pastry cutter shapes on a tray.

  3. Arrange the shapes into a row on the tray, leaving small gaps in between.

  4. Place your chosen natural items in the middle of each shape.

  5. Take a piece of string and lay it over the shapes to link them together, making sure that the string goes right into the shapes allowing the string to freeze into each one.

  6. Carefully fill each shape with water.

  7. If it’s below freezing outside, put the tray on a flat surface outdoors and leave overnight if possible (remember you can use the freezer if it’s not chilly enough!).

  8. Once your icy mobile has frozen, gently remove the ice from the shapes (you may need to use a little bit of warm water to ease them out – ask an adult to help you as this might be a little tricky!).


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